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12/12/2017Swansea County Council -v- M.O.High Court
11/22/2017U.U. -v- D.O.E.High Court
09/01/2017Meier & anor -v- LynchHigh Court
07/22/2016C.N. -v- Q.G.High Court
07/22/2016HOR -v- MRHigh Court
06/24/2016V.R. -v- S.R.High Court
06/10/2016SP -v- UGHigh Court
06/01/2016C.Q. -v- N.Q. High Court
05/31/2016R.L. -v- M.S.High Court
04/22/2016C.Q. -v- N. Q.High Court
04/11/2016Quinn & anor -v- Property Registration AuthorityHigh Court
12/18/2015C.O.S. -v- B.M.High Court
12/11/2015M -v- McSHigh Court
12/11/2015R.S. -v- I.S.High Court
12/04/2015Adoption Authority of Ireland -v- Proposed Adoption of KSH (a minor)High Court
12/02/2015MH -v- MHHigh Court
11/06/2015L.K. & anor -v- MMHigh Court
10/16/2015M O'C & anor -v- Údarás Uchtála Na hÉireannHigh Court
10/01/2015Petroceltic International PLC -v- Worldview Capital Management SA & anorHigh Court
08/27/2015Child and Family Agency & anor -v- Adoption Authority of Ireland & anorHigh Court
07/31/2015R -v- RHigh Court
07/24/2015R. McG. -v- S. McG.High Court
05/21/2015Bord na Mona Plc -v- The Property Registration Authority & orsHigh Court
03/20/2015S.B. -v- J.B.High Court
02/06/2015F.L.S. -v- X.X.L.High Court
02/02/2015McN. -v- R. High Court
01/23/2015H -v- HHigh Court
12/19/2014H -v- H & anorHigh Court
12/05/2014G.R. -v- J.J.D. High Court
07/31/2014F.L.S. -v- X.X.L. High Court
07/25/2014R.L. -v- Heneghan High Court
05/30/2014O'C & Anor -v- Udaras Uchtála na hÉireann High Court
01/24/2014H & anor -v- Údarás Uchtála Na hÉireannHigh Court
12/20/2013NO'R (an infant) -v- Minister for Health & ChildrenHigh Court