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06/05/2019Minister for Justice and Equality -v- KrupaHigh Court
05/31/2019Bondarenko -v- The Employment Appeals Tribunal & anorHigh Court
05/24/2019Minister for Justice and Equality -v- KaceviciusHigh Court
05/21/2019Delaney -v- Revenue Commissioners & orsHigh Court
05/09/2019The Ombudsman -v- Property Services Appeals BoardHigh Court
05/07/2019Dinu -v- Chief Appeals Officer & orsHigh Court
04/30/2019C.G. -v- K.Q. & anorHigh Court
04/12/2019Hampshire County council -v- C.E. & anorHigh Court
04/12/2019Heaphy -v- Irish Prison Service & orsHigh Court
04/04/2019Fabri-Clad Engineering Ltd -v- Stuart t/a Stuart Steele Fabrications & anorHigh Court
03/29/2019Woodcock -v- Board of Management of Mountrath Community SchoolHigh Court
03/15/2019K.C. -v- T.C.High Court
03/12/2019Salo -v- TarutinHigh Court
02/15/2019X.Y. -v- Z.W.High Court
01/24/2019Baskaran -v- Financial Services and Pensions OmbudsmanHigh Court
01/22/2019Maher -v- The Director of Public ProsecutionsHigh Court
01/18/2019D.E. -v- F.G.High Court
01/16/2019C.G. -v- B.G.High Court
12/14/2018A. O'M. -v- F. O'MHigh Court
12/14/2018Lawless -v- Beacon Hospital & orsHigh Court
12/13/2018Sfar -v- Judge Brennan & orsHigh Court
11/09/2018Buckley -v- O'Neill (Taxing Master)High Court
10/16/2018Koltze -v- Director of Public ProsecutionsHigh Court
10/03/2018The Director of Public Prosecutions (Garda James Reynolds) -v- BurkeHigh Court
07/31/2018Donegan -v- Dublin City CouncilHigh Court
07/31/2018Sweetman -v- Clare County CouncilHigh Court
07/24/2018Mullins -v- Irish Prison Service & orsHigh Court