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11/28/2014Child and Family Agency -v- HL & Anor
11/12/2014Child and Family Agency and GM & Anor (Care Order)
11/11/2014Child and Family Agency and NC & Anor (Care Order - Proportionality)
11/05/2014Tusla: Child and Family Agency and AC & Anor (Care Order - Proportionality)
10/31/2014Tusla: Child and Family Agency and COS & Anor
10/17/2014Child and Family Agency and CD & Anor (Care Order)
10/08/2014Child and Family Agency and NK (Care Order - Proportionality - Likelihood of Future Harm - Reception into Voluntary Care)
09/19/2014Child and Family Agency and DE (Admissability Hearsay Statements - Abuse)
08/22/2014Child and Family Agency and KC & Anor (Care Order - Proportionality)
08/12/2014Child and Family Agency and JO & Anor (Care Order - Proportionality)
07/31/2014L.H. and Child and Family Agency & Ors (Section 47 Directions - Aftercare plan)
06/03/2014MF & anor -v- Child and Family Agency (Application to Discharge a Care Order)
05/29/2014Child and Family Agency -v- CG & anor (Care Order - Proportionality)
03/25/2014Child and Family Agency -v- PH & anor - Care Order
03/25/2014Child and Family Agency and IO & Anor (Care Order)
03/21/2014Child and Family Agency -v- R - Disclosure of evidence of child sexual abuse
03/13/2014Child and Family Agency -v- KM & Anor
03/05/2014Child and Family Agency and SH & SMcG (Care Order - Substance Misuse - Parents Left the Jurisdiction)
01/17/2014Child and Family Agency -v- K (Care Order)
01/17/2014Child and Family Agency (CFA) -v- H (Care Order - Psychological Assessment)
01/07/2014Child and Family Agency -v- OM (Care Order)
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