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Sample affidavit




I, (name)
of (address)
in the city/county of ..... (description/occupation) aged eighteen years and upwards make Oath and say as follows:-








(Person who identified the Deponent)
I certify that I know the deponent  

Sworn by the said (name)
at (address where affidavit sworn)
in the city of
before me Commissioner for Oaths/
Practising Solicitor
and I know the deponent/the deponent has been identified to me by ________ who is personally known to me/ the identity of the deponent has been established by him/her by reference to (state photo document) of the deponent
this .... day of ........ 20 ..

Commissioner for Oaths/Practising Solicitor


Filed on the ... day of ........ 20... by ......... on behalf of ......... the Plaintiff/Defendant




This page updated: 29 November 2016