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Records available to the public:

Once a grant of probate or letters of administration has issued, copies of the grant and the original will may be obtained on payment of the appropriate fees by any member of the public.

The Records Office of the Dublin Probate Office holds the records for grants which have issued within the past 20 years. The records for grants which issued prior to this are held at the National Archives. These may be inspected in the Reading Room of the National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

The Probate Office also holds records of all grants which have issued from the 14 District Probate Registries within the past 20 years. These records are for reading purposes only. To get copies of documents when the grant issued in a District Probate Registry contact that Registry directly.

You can apply for a search and / or copy documents by post by completing Form PAS1 and paying the relevant fee. The information notes contained in that form provide further information about conducting searches and applying for copy documents. The form specifies the Dublin Probate Office requirements.

If you are applying to a District Probate Registry, contact that registry first to confirm any special requirements that registry might have.

You may also attend in person at the Dublin Probate Office to apply for a search or for copy documents. If you wish to inspect the records when attending you must provide 48 hours notice as the records will have to be retrieved from storage. Files retrieved for inspection will be available for 5 days. After that period, they will be returned to storage.

Content reviewed: May 2018