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Spam email

False Spam email informing people to attend for court this week is not from the Courts Service in Ireland nor the High Court.

The Irish public should ignore an email purporting to be from the Courts Service headed ‘Notice To Appear In Court: ORDER #123456 etc

The email which appears to come from noreply@highcourt.com is most probably spam and could lead to fraud.

It was not sent from, or by, the Courts Service, or from our IT system. 

It could be a false instrument designed to gather details about the recipient / cause damage to their computer system.

The mail requests the recipient to appear in court on a given date and to bring documents relating to the case - details of which are purported to be in an attached pdf document.

It also warns that the case will be heard in the absence of the recipient.

People are advised to not open the attached document.

The Courts Service would never communicate in this manner via an email.

The return address is not one set up, or ever used by the Courts Service.