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Customer Service

Customer complaints procedure
Customer Complaint Form

The Courts Service is committed to providing a high quality and professional service to all users of the courts.

Our customer charter sets out the standard of service you may expect in your dealings with us;

Ethics and professionalism

We will conduct our business to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy.


We will deliver our services promptly, courteously, efficiently and to the best of our ability. We will be polite and professional in all our dealings with you.

We will act with integrity, impartiality and fairness at all times.

All visitors to our offices will be treated with respect, courtesy and efficiency.

We will do our best to ensure your privacy when you conduct business in our offices.

Equality and diversity

We will deal with you in a fair and open manner irrespective of race, gender, socio-economic status, language, disability, and/or other social attributes.


We will reply to letters within 15 working days. If it is not possible to send a full reply we will send you an interim reply, explaining the position.

Our correspondence will identify the writer's name and position, the address of the court office, a direct telephone number and an e-mail address. We will use clear language which is understandable and concise.

Contact details for each court office are listed on this site.


Members of staff answering the telephone will identify themselves and their office. If our staff cannot help you immediately, they will take your details and let you know when you may expect to hear from us.

We will try to take your call without undue delay.

Offices which have a message facility will return your call without undue delay.


We will promptly provide clear and correct information. In cases where we cannot release information, we will explain why.

We will make available the Courts Service's information leaflets in all our public offices and on this site.

We will make the Courts Service information leaflets and all court forms available on this site.

While we are happy to provide information, the Courts Service cannot provide legal advice.

Service through Irish

If you write to us in Irish we will reply in Irish. We will make every effort to accommodate customers who wish to conduct their business through Irish.

We publish our corporate documents in Irish (for example Strategic Plan and Annual Report).

We will meet our commitments under the Official Languages Act, 2003.

Physical access

We are seeking to ensure that court facilities are safe, accessible and convenient to use. There will be clear sign-posting to assist your movement within court buildings.

We aim to provide quality access for people with disabilities, including those with hearing and sight difficulties. We particularly welcome comments from customers which might help us to improve access to and within our buildings.


We will consult with stakeholders before implementing major changes.

Let us know

We welcome your comments, suggestions and views on any aspect of our service because we believe that this will help us to provide an improved service.

Please let us know if you are particularly pleased with any aspect of our service.



If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from the Courts Service, you should make your complaint as soon as possible through the customer complaints procedure.

You can do this by asking to speak to the office manager. Where possible, he or she will try to rectify the situation without delay. If you do not obtain a satisfactory result, or if for any reason you would prefer not to complain at the time, you should make your complaint in writing using the formal customer complaints procedure and the Customer Service Complaint Form.

All complaints will be dealt with promptly and in an objective and courteous manner.

The Courts Service is subject to review by the Office of the Ombudsman in respect of the performance of administrative functions.


The judiciary is independent in its functions. Accordingly, any decision, finding, judgement or ruling of the courts can only be addressed through the courts.

Certain quasi-judicial decisions made by staff of the Courts Service can only be appealed to court (for example, decisions made by certain officials of the High Court and County Registrars).

Complaints about legal professionals or other bodies must be addressed to the appropriate organisation.


page updated: 6 December 2019