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Courts Service News: 2020

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The Courts Service e-zine is published every two to three months and features news and information on a variety of topics, including developments in the Courts Service. Click here to subscribe to our e-zine

Each December we publish a paper magazine.

Latest issue: May 2020



Welcome to the - socially distant - May edition of Courts Service News...due mostly to the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Our lives have changed so much in literally just a matter of weeks and we've all had to adapt in ways we might never have predicted. Even the biggest technophobes among us are socialising by way of Zoom and the occasional covideoparty.

Necessity has made us adopt new ways of interacting with the world and the Courts Service is no exception.  In this edition we cover some of the innovative ways the Service has adapted in order to ensure access to justice.

  • We share the CEO’s message for staff and stories from court offices around the country about how they have adapted and moved forward in difficult circumstances.  We will have more on this in our next edition.


  • You can also read about the first ever sitting of 'virtual courts' in Ireland.
  • The Courts Service has embarked on an ambitious modernisation programme, something we will no doubt be covering extensively in this magazine.


  • The Courts Service Innovation Network will doubtless contribute to the modernisation programme and you can read about the 'Call For Ideas'  too.


  • We also cover the first ever meeting of the Judicial Council in February, when the entirety of Ireland's judiciary came together (yes, you could still do that in February).


  • The Supreme Court also travelled, sitting in the South East of the country for the first time. It also launched its Annual Report for 2019 on the trip and you can read about both in this magazine.


  • We have our usual regular features ; Appointments, Obituaries, Retirements and Through the Lens.


  • Finally, we announce the winners of our book competition and the Christmas Quiz.



You can view the magazine here: Courts Service News May 2020

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